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Guangzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd
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Address: No. 2, Jingbei Road, Jifeng Village, Zhongxin Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, China

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Guangzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in 27th March 2000 by people studied abroad, it is a high and new technology enterprise whose product includes various household medical supplies after over a decade steady development.

Company factory is located in Guangzhou city, which is the business city for over a thousand years. Company now owns two factories in Guangzhou.

Yuchun Company is the first hydrogel manufacturer in Guangzhou, has reached a series breakthrough in applying the hydrogel into medical usage, currently has successfully developed Fever Cooling Patch, Carsickness Patch, Anti-fatigue Eye Patch, Hydrogel Pain Relief Patch, Adhesive Bandage, Alcohol Cotton Ball, Iodine Cotton Ball, Medical Alcohol Swab, Medical Iodine Swab and etc.

Yuchun Company is manufacturing the above product under our own brand name “Xingmu” and “Useful”, and the brand “Useful” requires many agents in various districts. Yuchun Company accepts OEM and ODM cooperation, and has been verified by ISO 13485, CE, SGS and FDA, indicates company’s manufacturing and management has reached international advance level, and has outstanding advantage in the standardize manufacturing and cost control.

Yuchun Company has made systematic manufacturing plan, to ensure customer’s order can be finished according to schedule. Our products can meet the demand of international medical market, we keep researching, innovating and renewing our products, and we have most competitive advantage on manufacturing external patch products.


1. Yuchun Company has developed standard management and professional guideline for manufacturing produts.


2. All employees in Yuchun Company have professional training and testing, which can not only obey the laws and regulations, but also operating production according manufacturing standards.


3. Yuchun Company has full management of manufacturing machines, which will check the machines regularly to make sure they are fully operating.


4. Yuchun Company has set clear and operable raw material purchasing standard, takes care of storing, transporting and quality checking. All raw material reaches the regulation, has batch number and serial number. And the standard also contains the handling method of the unqualified products.


5. Our Fever Cooling Patch, Carsickness Patch, Adhesive Bandage and other products will be stored under the environment that fits international standard which also has enough environment-friendly equipment and standards.


6. All products will be tested according quality standard, and will issue qualification certificates and tags after passed the test. And for the unavoidable quality problems, we have the immediate handling regulations.



In 2017, the upgrade and transformation of the GMP plant;

In 2018, (alcoholic cotton balls, iodophor cotton balls, medical alcohol disinfection cotton tablets, medical iodophor cotton wipes products) were upgraded from a type of medical device to a second class medical device. At the end of the year, it passed the high-tech enterprise certification

Subordinate Company Introduction:

1. Guagnzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd

  (Manufacturing Medical Devices)

2. Guangzhou Xingmu Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd

  (Manufacturing and Exporting Medical Devices)

3. Jiujiang Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd

  (Manufacturing Sanitary and Disinfection Products and Daily Necessities)

4. Guangzhou Sanzhi Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd

  (Selling Ophthalmology Medical Devices and Dressings, Importing and Exporting Hydrogel Raw Materials)

5. Ophthalmology Department of Guagnzhou Yuchun Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd

  (Selling Ophthalmology Medical Devices and Dressings)


In the faith of sincere cooperation, we are dedicated in providing good quality products and good after-sell services to all the partners, and will constantly improving our disadvantages, work together with the people that is focus on Health Industry, give contribution to establish a Health Country.