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  • Summer fruit season

    Yuchun Group Home CareJuly 2Summer is the high-yield season of fruit, and each fruit has its own characteristics, which can satisfy our absorption of trace elements. From the point of view of health, ...

  • Eating dumplings to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival

    Yuchun Group Home Care Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. According to "Jing Chu Sui Ji...

  • How to prevent heatstroke in summer

    In the midsummer, the high temperature weather not only makes people feel inconvenient, but also occasionally causes some people to have heatstroke. When people suffer from heatstroke, they may have d...

  • Love your eyes, give your eyes a little love

    June 6 Love Eye DayLove Eye Day, English called "Sight day"GuideOn September 25, 1992, Wang Yanhua, an ophthalmology professor at Tianjin Medical University, and a professor of epidemiology, Qi Guanyi...

  • Magical antibacterial cream saves my beautiful looks

    Two weeks ago, Xiaobian ate too many potato chips, got angry, and had three small blisters in her mouth. Then she also did the corresponding first aid measures, and the bubbles also swollen. However, ...

  • How to use the warm paste, how to paste

    1, first introduce the various commons of warm stickers, in addition to the use of some special occasions, local body pain, cold, shoulder pain, can be used.2, the next step is to introduce the simple...

  • Tell the truth! Will you use band-aid in the end?

    The child breaks when he plays, cuts when he works, accidentally gets stuck, etc. In life, we often encounter or encounter small damages of one kind or another. Because the wound is small or it doesn'...